This is a straight forward and durable method of customising garments and is ideal for many different applications.

To start the process of embroidering onto clothing, we need to receive from you artwork or text, preferably by email in a j.peg format.  This is then turned into an embroidery stitch file.  We use specialised software to do this, the resulting digital code instructs the embroidery machines on how to stitch up your embroidery.

We hold a large variety of different coloured threads that can match most requirements.  Usually the number of colours vary from  1 to about 6, although more can be used on complex designs.

All our work is carried out inhouse by our experienced staff and we pride ourselve on our quick turnarounds - normally 7-10 days from approval of stitched sample.

Left chest size logos are the ideal size for embroidery and what most companies choose for their clothing.

Embroidered logos and lettering create a look of quality when they are combined with the right clothing and will enhance the image of any organisation.

Large designs involving many thousands of stitches cost more to produce.  This is when screen printing may be a more appropriate medium.

See our section on ordering for more detailed information.

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