Embroidered Uniforms

Having an embroidered uniform or customised workwear offers employers and employees a host of benefits.

Embroidered School Uniforms

Embroidered uniforms are very popular for schools. Our extensive range of school uniforms include embroidered sweatshirts, embroidered fleeces, embroidered polo shirts, and embroidered t shirts. We can also provide printing on sports clothing.

Embroidered Corporate Workwear

Whenever your staff are wearing corporate workwear, a well presented employee will give customers a positive and consistent image of your company.

In today’s sophisticated market place, embroidered uniforms and how they are supplied is critical for both small and large organisations. At Brilliant we can tailor our service to suit your needs

For small organisations the appropriate method might be to access our online catalogue and together with supportive telephone advice, we will put together a list of garments to fit your specification.

Large organisations may welcome a visit from our us, possibly using custom designed products so your company can stand out from the crowd.

Having an embroidered uniform that displays your company name or logo means your name and image is displayed wherever your staff go, giving you free advertising. Well designed personalised uniforms don't have to cost the earth. With Brilliant you can order whatever quality and quantity of workwear you need.

Distribution and stock holding is time consuming, requiring staff time and space for storage. We currently store and distribute embroidered uniforms for a number of large multi site companies and schools.


Embroidered Uniforms Embroidered Uniform Men's Embroiderd Corporate Uniforms Embroiderd Chef's Jacket

See examples of Embroidered Uniforms.

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